Android Distribution February 2017: Nougat finally surpasses 1%

Since it’s February 8, Google feels now is the right time to share the latest Android distribution numbers. And, as always, we’re examining what’s going on and how each version of Android is trending. This month, however, is a little boring as just about nothing has changed from January. All of the trends are exactly the same.

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Take a look at the following diagram that shows the Android distribution numbers for February 2017.

These are the percentage point changes from last month:

Slightly boring, right? Like last month, Nougat and Marshmallow are the only two versions of Android on the rise. That’s a good thing considering they’re the two most recent releases from Google.

The sole noteworthy takeaway is that Nougat finally broke 1% after being released on nearly six months ago. Although it’s been around since August, Nougat hasn’t actually gone live on too many devices. Even Samsung is still working on getting the software update out to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in many markets. So needless to say Google can’t be too thrilled with where Nougat is at right now.

While the struggle of Nougat to catch fire is disappointing, it’s relieving to see Lollipop and everything before it continue declining. Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, which are over five years old, will be next to join Froyo in the graveyard of obscurity.

As Samsung and LG are currently preparing their respective 2017 flagships, we should expect to see Nougat surge this spring.

Source: Android Developers

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