It took T-Mobile to get Justin Bieber back on Instagram

The wait is finally over. It’s not for the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s not for the LG G6. It’s not for Android Wear 2.0. Today, Justin Bieber returned to Instagram after a five-month hiatus.

What caused the entertainer to return to the platform? Probably a nice check written by John Legere & Co. at T-Mobile. During Super Bowl LI on Sunday, an advertisement starring Bieber and professional athletes will air. It’s meant to promote the #UnlimitedMoves campaign in which people can share their touchdown dances for a chance to be put on display by Bieber on his own social media accounts.

Apparently Bieber tweeted last year about his desire to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial once again, and John Legere’s team came to the rescue for 2017.

Source: Justin Bieber (Instagram)