LifeTouch Note Android Notebook from NEC Debuted in Japan

The good folks at Engadget are reporting that NEC has announced their first Android-based netbook. NEC’s LifeTouch Note runs Android 2.2, has a Tegra 2 CPU with a seven-inch backlit screen running at 840×400 resolution, a 2 MP camera, SD and SDHC card slots and GPS capabilities. According to the source article on Akihabara News, the LifeTouch Note will come in three flavors:

  • WiFi, 3G enabled with 8 GB of memory
  • WiFi only with 8 GB of memory
  • WiFi only with 4 GB of memory

Also according to the source article, the WiFi only version weighs about as much as an iPad. On the software side, the LifeTouch Note includes NEC’s improved integration with photos in order to send them to SMS services, text or email in mere moments.

Prices of these range from 40,000 Yen (~$481) for the WiFi-only 4 GB model to 45,000 Yen (~$542) for the two models with 8 GB of memory each. No word as of yet on when they will be available for purchase in Japan — or elsewhere, for that matter — but we will keep you apprised.

[via Engadget]