Giveaway: Win a Huawei Mate 9 from Talk Android!

There isn’t any doubt that the Huawei Mate 9 is one of the best phones of 2017. It’s still early in the year, but Huawei is going all-in with this global flagship. The Mate 9 has a stunning metal body, offers specifications fine-tuned for the software, and comes with the latest version of Android.

Our international giveaway for a Huawei Mate 9 is open for two weeks, and it couldn’t be any easier to get involved and test your luck.

Hit the break to enter the giveaway.

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We’ll be picking one winner at 1:00PM ET on Saturday, February 18. Remember to check this post on that day to see if you’re the lucky person getting a free Huawei Mate 9 from Talk Android.

If you miss out, you can always buy the phone through retailers around the world.

Terms & Conditions
  • Prize: Huawei Mate 9 (1)
  • Entries: Limited one (1) entry per person. If you enter more than once under a different account, you will be disqualified from the giveaway. All entries are to be submitted through the Rafflecopter widget. The comment method is required to be successfully entered. The other methods are only going to improve your chances of winning.
  • Eligibility: This is an international giveaway; however, the only location we cannot ship to is China. Keep in mind, though, that you will be charged customs fees if applicable to your country of residence.
  • Start/End Dates: The giveaways begins on February 3 at 12:01AM ET and ends on February 18 at 12:01AM ET.
  • Disclaimer: Huawei is not affiliated with this giveaway beyond providing the prize. Talk Android is responsible for managing the giveaway and holds the right to change the giveaway’s Terms & Conditions at any time.

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Praneet Acharya

    Just look at the phone… doesn’t it look great? Do I even have to say anything to to admire the quality of that beast? :)

  • Jarseno Samuels

    My favorite feature is the 4000 mAh battery. These day smartphone batteries are getting smaller and smaller.

  • Satyam priyadarshi

    My Favorite feature of Huawei Mate 9 is Camera. its seems pretty good.

  • Hannu Korhonen

    I also like the battery capacity.

  • Samit

    To be honest it is pretty hard to point out a single feature of Mate 9 I love. It meets kind of every aspects to be a great smartphone and I love all of it’s features.

  • Juven Morada

    I love the SOC, Performance, Camera & Battery. This will be a huge upgrade from my LG G4.

  • Sophie Lily

    I love the camera , it’s one of the best features on the phone and something I use most

  • Ian

    The screen.

  • Già Diagwn

    It’s just a fantastic phone and so i find it difficult to choose which feature is the best :-) Excellent design with a powerful CPU… i thing that the BIG battery is a great feature.

  • Duncan Nagle

    The awesome camera set-up

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    5.9-Inch Full HD display and 4000mAh battery.

  • Douglas G Barr

    Great battery, 64gb and 4K recording sounds like a great phone.

  • solis

    Looks like a superb phone. I wouldn’t mind upgrading from my P9.

  • Lewisah Felicia Boamah

    camera quality is the best I have come across. The phone is very sleek too. Beautiful technological device

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

    Kirin 960 SoC and OIS equipped camera!

  • Veder

    Looking for a new phone for the “wife”, the best feature is that it appears to be “wife” material ;): great design, long battery and what looks like to be great camera performance.

  • Will Griesmer

    I like the screen size.. it looks huge!

  • Neflictus

    My son needs this phone. His father has to buy a new pair of boots.

  • ooinaru

    Without a doubt battery time!

  • Tracey-Ann

    I love the the Kirin chipset and the camera module

  • K. Velström

    The camera of the phone is fantastic! :)

  • Brandon Cooke

    The Black and White camera by Leica is superb in any condition.

  • Sylvain

    The battery!

  • Rodin

    Good processor and good battery

  • Lynel007

    Love the screen size

  • Geek_Musical

    The HiSilicon Kirin 960 Octa-core processor is my favorite feature!

  • Nick Nurse

    I like the battery life and the size of the screen. I’m still using a mate 2 and would like an upgrade.

  • Ray Waldo

    I really like the bezel-less design and the power-packed specs!

  • HLM

    Huawei is top notch company. I own a huawei nexus 6p, it’s been a great phone, high quality, beats all my old samsung made plastic nexuses. I love that the mate 9 comes with metal body and great camera.

  • skhekare

    Hope its me this time. Dual camera is best.

  • Robert Haber

    The dual cameras look great.

  • miguelm75

    metal body

  • Małgosia

    metal body

  • Bravedadoftwins

    The style

  • Sinthuja Sarma

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for this chance. Wonderful smartphone. It has best features. I love Huawei Mate 9. I hope to win at least this time.

  • nilimkumar chutia

    I love huawei smartphone..I love huawei mate 9..I hope to win..

  • Mikko Agbuya

    EMUI 5 & Dual Camera


    I like it’s Dual Camera n, Latest Android OS !

  • Kilgore Trout

    The dual rear 20 & 12 mp cameras and metal body. Thanks.

  • Aashutosh

    Love the duel camera.

  • Vyrlokar

    For me it’s the premium build. Seriously, this phone looks great!

  • Fiona

    The duel camera looks amazing

  • rugmaker

    Metal body

  • sharon mead

    it’s Dual Camera

  • Colin Pike

    The dual cameras

  • Stuart Edwards

    The duel camera.

  • Emily Turner

    the metal body looks really sleek and sophisticated

  • Stacey Carnell

    It has to be the dual camera :)

  • Suzanne

    The impressive, excellent quality Leica camera.

  • julie e henderson

    the dual camera sounds fab

  • Tracey Ryder

    the camera

  • Lucinda Duxbury

    full days power in 20 mins!!! and the battery can last 2 days…. this is what i find great!

  • Angela Walker

    great camera

  • fourex

    The screen is incredible.

  • Sarahann

    Definitely the camera!

  • Ann-Marie Gould

    a battery that lasts two days sounds amazing! :)

  • Mary

    The duel camera

  • Mint

    Leica camera

  • Lee R

    Definitely the better battery. Apparently you can get 2 days use out of it?! Can barely get half way through the day without having to charge my iphone!

  • Mark Barlow

    The increased battery life – awesome

  • War Jonson

    A phone that can last 2 days, count me in.

  • Steve Williams

    The all metal body – the plastic ones just break in my pocket.

  • Aleksandar Ivanović

    Samsung/Apple will be dethroned very soon as leading manufacturer. Great phone :)

  • Mary Hutton

    The battery life sounds fantastic x

  • maureen findley

    definitely the battery life which is the bane of my life

  • Caroline H

    Got to be the battery life.

  • UtahSkiBum

    I like the Leica camera! Awesome! Would love to have one of these!

  • Khoi

    Screen is unreal.

  • Paul

    I like the dual camera.

  • Paul Wilson

    I like that is has the latest version of Android.

  • lyn

    I like the battery life and the camera looks really good too

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    The battery life! My current phone needs charging all the time

  • Greg

    I’ve been eye ballin’ this for a month or so now. I really like the dual channel 4GB of RAM. I think it will make it very speedy. My Note 2 is giving up the ghost…it’s time for something new.

  • Hannah

    The battery!!! I’m tired of having to charge my iPhone 12 times per day, haha

  • Zoe Goulding

    The weight of the phone and like the fact it has a compass too

  • David

    The Leica camera on the Mate 9 is one of my favorite features. My wife has this phone and it is so impressive.

  • Stuart Affleck

    Battery life should be a strong point…

  • Inga

    It’s huge clear screen and fab camera

  • Cherry Edwards

    Leica camera and large screen , plus brilliant battery life

  • G13NN H

    Screen is unreal.

  • Richard S. K.


  • Trenton Wilson

    Excited about the camera

  • Marko

    Love the dual lence camera

  • Jeena Bittenbender

    Camera, Their processor, Quick charge!!!

  • ranoej

    I love everything about this phone

  • Manar Harajli

    My favorite feature is the long battery life. I hate charging my phone three times a day.

  • Stuart Allen

    the great hd screen!

  • steve weber

    My favorite feature is the powerful battery life.

  • Ann Robinson

    The long battery life and the camera

  • Draken Blackknight

    The giant battery and the screen size

  • Daryl Okayama

    Great battery life, twin Leica cameras, beautiful screen and body, what’s not to like!

  • Rachel Griesmer

    My favorite feature is the long battery life.

  • E Michelle Bakle

    The super battery life and i like the metal case easier for me not to break!

  • Joseph Zhang

    Wow! Awesome Phone.. Can’t wait for it to come out. Durable and fast… Better than s7

  • rajee

    IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

  • saenta

    Looks for me like one of the bost phones of the year!
    pretty awesome what Huawei is doing!

  • Arne Theunissen

    Awsome phone

  • Phil Darling

    It’s all about the battery life for me

  • David Sweet

    5.9-Inch Full HD (1920×1080) IPS LCD

  • Helly Moulden

    I think mine is the great battery life!

  • Jackie ONeill

    brilliant battery life

  • Lucy Bean

    long battery life

  • Hannah oneill

    The battery life

  • RobMachete

    My favourite feature of the Huawei Mate 9 is that you can use it as a telephone and be able to communicate with other people who have telephones.

  • Agnes Glover

    4GB of RAM. That’s the same as my laptop computer!

  • Elizabeth Hinds

    The long battery life sounds amazing!! :)

  • Yoav Assa

    Nice phone, LOTS of RAM, big battery!

  • Sagar VK18

    Design , finger print & Battery

  • A. C.

    The camera!

  • tubbyj

    The camera

  • Laura Wheatley

    The fact that its better than my broken phone lol

  • Justine Hughes

    Huawei’s aggressive power management system.

  • suzannesendell

    The long battery life would be awesome

  • Martin Guay

    Should be an interesting device to play with and see the evolution from past devices.

  • Damien Hudson

    The camera features and battery life!

  • Edward Guerreiro

    There is a great deal I like about this phone. The beautiful design, the 4000 mAh battery, the fact it ships with Android 7.0. But I think what most interests me is the dual camera.

  • Jade

    The battery life without a doubt. 4000mAh is good. Power banks are fcuking up my current Samsung. #ineedthisphonesobadly

  • Andy W

    The battery life and a powerful processor.

  • Marcelo Kirino

    4000mah seems incredible to me !!

  • Joe Gallego

    Definitely it is one of the better phones out there.

  • Hugo Marques

    I had a P9 for testing for a few months and it’s a pretty good device, I believe this mate 9 surely is better than P9, so yes I’m interested in trying this one also. Thanks for the opportunity..

  • LP

    Battery capacity seems very good and would hopefully last a good few days unlike some other phones. Louis Perera

  • Peter Saville

    Great battery life

  • Sinan

    Dual lens by Leica

  • Timrah

    Hard decision for what the best feature is, but I have to say it being the fastest phone.

  • sunshine

    The battery life, brilliant!!

  • Awesomeguy1234

    One is the beast processor on the phone. It is up there with the A10 and snapdragon 821. Secondly, the battery life is amazing, the fact that it can last you two days means that even if I were to forget a charge, I can still use it the whole day. Third is the speed, which is close to that of the 3t, which means it is one of the best performing phones in the market.

    I would be quite freaked out if I were to get it, lol. It would be such an amazing upgrade from my S2.

  • Alexandra Dixon-Mersh

    The battery life, it’s always an important feature of any phone and this fits the bill

  • Louise Smith

    The camera

  • Jim McPartland

    I want to try out that camera!! Looks great!
    I’ve heard a lot of great things about this phone! It would make a replacement for my old aging, ill and oh so slow samsung galaxy 2! LOL

  • Kevin Cozens

    I like the size of the screen…the battery life isn’t bad either!

  • Ralph T

    I am a power-user so the big battery on Mate 9 is perfect for me.

  • Arezslan

    Definitely the camera. Both the back and front facing cameras are really good.

  • Sara Pereira

    dual front camera co-engineered with leica <3

  • Droidgeek6

    Love that camera

  • Karen Legrand

    Love the screen recording feature <3

  • Harry Malhotra

    I like the powerful 4000 mah battery, latest Android OS and Good camera

  • Pardeep Gupta

    My favorite feature is Dual Camera and powerful processor

  • Karan Kohli

    Best is Snapdragon 821 Processor, 4000Mah Battery

  • Rohit Roy

    This smartphone is powerful beast. I love that dual camera

  • Shabaz Ali

    Loved this beast.
    Dual Camera is Amazing

  • Jeremy Harpham

    The size of the battery (and the fast charging)

  • Kanu Verma

    I like all the features of this smartphone. I really liked that feature is 4000mah battery with fast charging support.

  • Ezany

    Huawei mate 9 is a great phone because of big battery, great dual camera lens (totally love the wide apature mode) and big screen. Also my favorite feature is IR blaster, its great huawei still consider to include IR blaster when most of the mobile phones company removes it. IR blaster is the simplest feature yet one of the useful than any other mobile phone feature. Fast charging capabilities also is a good feature since its the most common issues phone user been deal with. Im one of them. With big battery and fast charging, I believe this phone will be outstanding than any other phones.



  • Sam Rhodes

    the battery love sounds fab! :)

  • Marina

    Besides the great dual Leica camera, the ease and speed of navigation and fingerprint unlocking, my favourite feature has to be the much longer battery life as others aren’t a patch on this. I know all this because my daughter has just bought one and let me have a play. Great giveaway thanks @mummycat

  • Carlos Molero

    The battery on this device is amazing up to 2 days of use, the entire smartphone is game changer, all the great specifications for around 650 $, huawei is changing smmartphones industry.

  • Stephanie Coals

    The battery – what a change not having to carry a portable battery around with you everyday!

  • Mikey Monteiro

    pick me

  • David Paterson

    Battery life

  • N A

    the battery love sounds fab! :)

  • Nadeemah Regal

    The battery life and the dual rear cameras are my favourite features of the Mate 9. I’d really love to win one!

  • RandomAverageJoe

    Dual camera looks fantastic!

  • Bradley Halstead

    this thing looks amazing

  • Stralisemiai

    Battery life, nothing worse than needing a phone for an emergency and it being flat

  • Chee Yong Hsia

    Its phenomenal battery performance!

  • Crown

    The new processor because it looks lightning quick.

  • kw

    The dual camera.

  • Erika Armistead

    I tried placing comment when I registered but it wouldn’t let me. Anyhow, I love the fact it has all metal on back my phone I have now is so messed up due to it being glass. I mean that wasn’t a bright idea.

  • Hasan Javed

    So many things to like but having a 4000 mah battery with screen of 1080p makes me want it most.

  • lindsay bade

    Battery life and cameras!

  • Nicole

    Battery life and sleek design!

  • Sahil Mahajan

    I like the good design of Huawei Mate 9 and powerful 4000mah battery

  • Gavin

    Battery life is the bane of high powered phones. It’s the number one feature I look for in a new mobile.

  • Oli Marshall

    WOW, it looks amazing! Having a good camera for me is crucial (I am a recreational photographer) and this fantastic phone has that and beyond, so, yes, please :).

  • Rajendra Patel

    IMO best feature 4000 mah battery and less charge time

  • John Tingay

    The 4000mAh battery with quick charging is the feature that I really like

  • kapoor

    EMUI 5.0 !!

  • Rachel Parsons

    Battery life!

  • Dan

    The battery size

  • Danny2582

    The screen is big and beautiful

  • xtinajerez

    I love the appearance, love the camera my phone pics suck and i just love the battery it will be great having a good phone that i do not have to worry about charging the phone a whole day. I want it soooo hard

  • sh4un

    I’ve heard good things about Huawei. Does anyone here own one? Does it feel like a quality android device?

  • Isaac Abraham

    Giant battery, ir blaster, and monochrome camera! Thanks Talk Android!

  • Ian Hickman

    Been a while since I had a decent spec phone (currently have HTC m7 and mini 2). Would love one

  • redips77

    The battery is a very nice plus on high level smartphone like Mate 9!

  • Andrew

    This phone is a monster with 4000mah and 4GB ram.

  • Boris Creimerman

    Love the screen

  • kat walsh

    The giant battery :)

  • jandoc

    It’s probably the look and size of it

  • Petra Kos

    I love the camera! :)

  • Sandres Odisho

    I wish to win this great phone.

  • ajhall62

    I like the screen size.

  • G. Leong

    i like the supercharge .. 20 minutes only for a full day’s use

  • leanne williams

    Love the screen

  • Johnny reveles

    Supercharged Battery

  • Ivan92116

    big screen

  • Aissa geo

    Huawei mate 9 what a progress for Huawei

  • Khandokar Faisal Islam

    wow :D great phone want to win

  • EllaDawn

    the Supercharge battery…… perfect

  • solis

    Just broke my P9 so the Mate9 would be very nice :D


    the monochrome camera! x

  • Ben Audsley

    the screen !

  • David

    I like the big, crystal clear screen!

  • Just Win Babies

    The screen size

  • Chris

    It has to be the battery charging

  • Awesomeguy1234

    Its big screen and dual cameras makes me want the phone a lot! It also has really nice performance

  • Emma

    The battery charging!

  • Rajendra Patel

    its has almost everything that a phablet requires; big screen; large battery and also less charge time.

  • Alex Ba.

    Big battery

  • MrRichTea

    The huge battery :)

  • FairyMary

    Perfect! Great phone!

  • Emanuel Janeiro

    The outstanding screen, and screen to body ratio!

  • Simo

    The big battery!

  • Jez Phillips

    The battery charging sounds great as well as the camera.

  • Glenn Dobson

    A long lasting battery and great screen is just what I need.

  • 1solo

    Outstanding Device its my favorite phone out right now i dont think there is a better phone on the market right now.

  • spasum

    The big screen size!

  • honeymoon2012

    the latest version of Android

  • Simon Heath

    It has to be the powerful HiSilicon Kirin 960 Octa-core processor

  • Clive Rennison

    The dual cam setup has to be my favourite feature but also that powerful kirin 960 keeping it all running smooth

  • Rockwell7

    Having the dual camera on the mate 9 and the massive battery.

  • Ron Zeltzer

    What really troubles me on my current cell is the battery talk time.
    I really appreciate the long battery talk time on the Mate 9!.

  • Stefan Markoski

    4GB of RAM, big battery capacity, 64GB of storage!! Looking great.

  • Ted Jammers

    Oooo. This one is pretty.

  • Amaan

    The Duel Camera and low light settings
    also 64 gb of storage…. anything less than 32 gb is an abomination.

  • kaonunez

    the Leica dual-lens experience with integration of optical image stabilization in both cameras

  • José Reis

    LEICA dual camera

    The Audio ( stereo ) in Orizontal View
    I think its the only one in the market

    The possibilit of space

    4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage
    6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage

    the 5.9-inch display makes it better than my old NOTE

    with The IR blaster on the top would allow the huawei Mate 9
    works as standard IR remote control around your house.

  • rupert summerton

    large battery capacity

  • Mark Chandler

    Brilliant phone, lots of features and power. They just keep getting better and better!

  • Juanjo

    Best battery ever!

  • Holly Brookes

    The dual camera, & huge battery are great – storage ain’t bad either!

  • hele

    great battery…

  • zielonykocyk

    I wish to take many great photos with the great camera in this great phone :)

  • Martin Lathan

    Huawei Mate 9 has a fantastic Leica Double camera and looks amazing

  • Nizia Jamee

    dual camera and battery life and the design

  • Solange

    A long lasting battery.

  • linda griffiths

    long lasting battery would be fab

  • CB_Android

    great phone

  • Mohamed

    I m a fan off Huawei phone. I have mate7 p9 and p9+. They are phantastic.

  • Hugh Jones

    I like the quick charging – only 20 minutes on Supercharge!

  • bitbank

    Looking forward to trying an Android phone to replace my wife’s iPhone 6S

  • jorge

    Want to try a Huawei phone/

  • Jared Muskovitz

    I’d like to see Huawei’s new beast in person! Compare to the Pixel.

  • reviresco

    It’s not apple. Nuff said!

  • SHs

    Definitly want tout try those dual camera

  • Michelle Carlin

    Long-life battery.

  • purpleshoes1

    I need a phone with a longer battery life so this looks just the job!

  • Alex

    My phone has being broken for a while. I now have the chance to replace it.
    Thanks guys!!!!

  • LeanneR

    The battery life sells it for me!

  • Neil Tomlinson

    I would say my favorite thing about the Mate 9 is the screen….it’s huge. Media consumption must be awesome on it!

  • Juan Manuel Chávez

    The incredible dual camera is my favorite thing in this awesome device!!

  • Luís Silveira

    Amazing battery life, awesome Leica cameras and good looks. What’s not to like? :-)

  • Holliver Valdez

    All the phone is great, the dual camera looks awesome and it’s a powerful phone.

  • emma walters

    amazing battery life!!!


    the battery life, my current phone is terrible!

  • ubuntubhoy

    Commenting for the sake of commenting

  • taz_angela

    It looks pretty, good luck

  • Vitor Carrasqueira

    With this superb smartphone i would take the best photos of Portugal.

  • cris Magrata


  • Vincent

    I quite like the 5.9-inch display. Others might find it to be a huge screen but I quite like the fact I wouldn’t have strain my eyes to see the everything on the screen.

  • Karrie Ann

    I liked the battery life

  • greig spencer

    amazing battery life

  • RichJ

    The camera

  • JustinBiebersBodyDouble

    My favourite feature of the Huaewei Mate 9 is that your giving one away for free

  • Emma

    The long battery life! :)

  • leem

    Battery life my htc mini lasts 18 hours max

  • Gaby F. Leiva

    Favourite feature: battery life!

  • Barry Crozier

    MLA all the way!

  • richard foster

    After using the Huawei P9 I would love to try the Mate 9 camera

  • N345H

    Looks a great device

  • Ahmed Abdelkaoui

    my favourite feature: big screen

  • Dheeraj Kumar Verma

    My favorite feature is obviously Mate9’s superb dual lens camera and with this smartphone I would take best photos of or around Shimla.

  • Peter Vernelen

    I’m into mobile photography so my favourite feature is the camera performance it would be awesome to go out and see how it delivers, fingers crossed

  • Sam Miles

    I think the best feature is the slimline shape of the phone. Perfect for taking around with you, neat and stylish.

  • Andrew Hindley

    My favorite feature isthe long battery life

  • Allison Lee Sherwood

    Long battery life is great as I get fed up charging my phone all the time

  • stephanie lovatt

    The long battery life

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    That it charges quickly

  • Kevin Pike

    The battery life is incredible

  • Cy brillante

    I love the monochrome camera of the Mate 9 and its big screen!

  • José Reis

    Please … I really need one of these to exchange with my old Note 1, which is breaking down and so I change from Samsung to Huawei guaranteed.
    This one has more autonomy more capacity better image photography improves among other improvements .. I want to change to Huawei and Mate 9 is my passion now, now I only need the mobile phone and I do not really have possibility to materialize at this moment …


  • Jun MO

    the extended battery life.

  • Jenny Jones

    the larger screen and camera :)

  • Jezzamk

    The Leica dual camera

  • Paula Phillips

    The Leica dual camera as well as the long battery life.

  • emily fraser

    The great battery life :)

  • Phil Boyle

    Leica camera

  • Thegame100

    the large screen is amazing!

  • Diana

    The battery life

  • Fred_Baron

    The DayDream VR readyness. I’m thrilled by the onset of the VR era, it’s a massive boost for this already awesome phablet :)

  • anne baxter

    the battery life

  • Jessica Hutton

    The battery life xx

  • isabelle smith

    large screen

  • zebedee01

    The camera!

  • Rebekah Powley

    It’s the space for two sim cards that I love – no having to carry round a work phone and a home phone!! x

  • chirag

    battery life

  • Jamie Millard

    the amazing camera

  • Lynne T.

    I like that it’s got the latest version of Android.

  • sportsfan07

    The Camera

  • Salah Ahmed

    I like the amazing battery life and would like to try the camera

  • pramoth

    Thank u so much guys… Hoping to win one..

  • Dustin

    Nice phone!

  • Gonzalo Morón Holzmann


  • Ian Hickman

    Who won?

    • Justin_Herrick

      We just picked a new winner! The last one didn’t claim the prize.

      All winner(s) are always displayed on the widget embedded in the post.

  • awan malik

    Win free mobile phone