Latest render of the Galaxy S8 confirms huge display, rear fingerprint sensor

We’ve seen a few images of the Galaxy S8 pop up online ahead of Samsung’s official unveiling, but a new unique leak from CNet Korea has created a rendering of the device based off of an eyewitness account of the phone. That’s not normally the kind of leak we see, but hey, we’ll take anything at this point.

The render matches up with most of the other pictures we’ve seen and confirms a few details. The tiny bezels with a huge, curved screen is present, which means it’s a safe bet that Samsung will finally be ditching the home button that they’ve used for so many years. That also means that the rear facing fingerprint sensor is here, for better or worse.

Unlike other devices with rear fingerprint scanners, however, Samsung is slapping this thing right next to the camera in a crowded section of the phone. From left to right we have a camera flash/heart rate monitor, camera lens, and fingerprint scanner. That means the scanner (that you’re probably using to unlock your phone and secure information) is not centered on the back, and it’s pretty high up on the back of the device, which means you’re going to have to stretch to hit it. Compared to other devices that position the scanner a bit below the camera, that’s a little inconvenient. And yes, I’m still a huge fan of fingerprint sensors on the face of the device, not on the back.

In other news, the render includes a 3.5mm headphone jack. Long live our wired headphones!

source: CNet Korea
via: Forbes


About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • J Rivera

    Ugh, I hate rear fingerprint sensors. I gotta lift my phone up to wake it up or unlock it. Like why not just get rid of the inevitable logo that will be on the front on the bottom and stick a sensor there.

    • Krzysztof Kajdasz

      I don’t think it’s gonna have a rear fingerprint sensor. I’d rather bet it’s gonna be integrated into touchscreen using the new Synaptics tech.

  • don t

    I was expecting a full real edge to edge screen like the mi mix. You can bet apple will have it in the iPhone 8. Why not samsung. Very dissapointing. Will not buy. No one is saying anything about sound either. Does it have hifi dacs? Dolby atmos? High rez support? This is why, as an audiophile, my daily driver is the incredible ZTE axon7. Not only is it right up there with the best, as far as build, and performance, but that sound system, WOW. Especially through great headphones.