Redbox launches Android app, allows browsing and renting movies from app

Redbox recently released a new Android app that will allow users to browse movie titles, find nearby Redbox locations using your handset’s GPS, and even reserve movies for pickup straight from the app.

The app is quite robust. When browsing a movie, one can read a short plot summary, running time, rating, and the app indicates whether the movie is available on Blu-Ray or not.

Redbox for Android will surely save time for avid movie geeks, since you can now reserve movies straight from your Android device.

You can grab Redbox for Android in the TalkAndroid ApptlyAndroid database for free.

Let us know in the comments how you are liking the Redbox app for Android so far!

[via intomobile]

  • deever

    It will never fly. I don’t want to drive into town for a dvd.