LG Watch Style photos and price leaked

LG’s latest entry into the smartwatch market will be the Watch Style and a slightly more technically advanced Watch Sport. The Sport variant is still a bit foggy, but some new key leaks have shed some light on the Watch Style.

Evan Blass has leaked press images of the Watch Style in silver and rose gold, which you can see above. Those are both incredibly common colors for smart devices in 2017, though, so that’s really more of a confirmation than a leak.

Fortunately, we also have some details about the hardware in the LG Watch Style, as well as how much the device should cost when it launches. LG is aiming for a safe $249 price point for the stylish smartwatch, which will be the less featured of the two. The Watch Sport will be the version that has GPS, a heart rate monitor, and LTE, so you can certainly expect it to hit a much higher price point, but at least we’ll know the floor going into it.

2016 was, completely honestly, a pretty boring year for Android Wear. We’re barely into 2017 and things are already looking like they’ll be a huge improvement for anyone excited about wearable tech.

source: Android Police, Evan Blass (Twitter)

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