Original NVIDIA SHIELD TV receives its Nougat update

NVIDIA is rolling out an update for its older SHIELD TV, bringing it up to par with the experience on the newer version. The update brings the device up to Android 7.0 Nougat, which is a plus, but it also adds some goodies from NVIDIA’s own experience upgrade.

Many of the newer features are centered around 4K and HDR, including support for the higher resolutions on Netflix and Amazon Prime, plus the ability to watch 4K movies from Google Play. NVIDIA is bringing support for its upgraded GeForce Now game streaming platform, too, and GameStream is now able to handle your local games in 4K, assuming you actually have the hardware to make that happen.

You’ll also find Nest camera support with the latest software, plus a few more apps (NFL, Twitter, Comedy Central, Vimeo) and all the new stuff that Nougat can do. Picture-in-picture mode is here, double pressing the home button will bring up recent apps, and the settings menu has been reorganized for speed.

This update essentially makes the first generation device just as functional as the updated version, with one small catch. If you want some of the newer smart features, you’ll need an upgraded controller for the microphone access to use things like Google Assistant. Otherwise, NVIDIA is basically saving early adopters the hassle of going out and upgrading their devices. That’s rare, but it’s a very appreciated move.

source: NVIDIA

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    Explain the part about the new controller required for assistant use? Our original controllers have mics. What’s the difference?