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It’s that time of the year when we’re all eagerly waiting for some new details (or an announcement) to come from Samsung about that year’s Galaxy S flagship, but this year we got a pretty exciting surprise that dropped a couple months ahead of launch. We’ve already seen leaks about specs and details, but now we have an actual image of the Galaxy S8 in the flesh.

Evan Blass dropped some details paired with the pictures, confirming some of what we already knew but also revealing a few new features. The devices will come in exclusively curved variants with one 5.8-inch model and one 6.2-inch display, both of which are QHD screens. Those screens cover 83% of the face of the device, all but confirming the death of Samsung’s iconic home button. It’s all display on the front, and the fingerprint scanner has moved to the rear of the device. Personally, I’m still really not a fan of rear-facing fingerprint scanners, but that seems like the trend Android phones are permanently going in.

Depending on where you buy the Galaxy S8 you’ll either get a Snapdragon 835 CPU or an in-house Samsung Exynos chip, both of which use the 10nm process. They’re slightly faster and slightly more efficient than last year’s Galaxy S7, which is good because Samsung is keeping the battery size relatively similar.

There’s 64GB of internal storage here, plus a USB type C port. That’s reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 7, but it’s the only logical move for Samsung’s flagship line. Also, like the Note 7, there’s definitely a 3.5mm headphone jack present on the Galaxy S8. That port might be on its way out after Apple’s courageous move to kill it in the iPhone 7, but Samsung isn’t ready to abandon it just yet.

Iris scanning is still present, which also debuted on the Note 7, and Samsung is implementing a pressure sensitive display in the Galaxy S8. If you’ve used 3D Touch on a newer iPhone you’ll immediately recognize how that works, but it means the phone will be able to tell how hard you’re pressing it and adjust actions accordingly. That’s also good news for future S-Pen functionality, depending on how Samsung wants to use it.

Try to contain your excitement. We’re only a couple months away.

source: Venture Beat

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    already looks like a fingerprint mess…