Google Assistant gets more intelligent with new partners

Google announced two new partners getting compatibility with Google Assistant — Belkin Wemo and Honeywell, although it’s limited to Google Home right now with Assistant support on the Pixel coming later.

Belkin Wemo and Honeywell join Google Assistant’s growing list of partners, including Nest, Phillips Hue and Samsung’s SmartThings. All of these partners are available to help you control your home more efficiently, whether it has to deal with the temperature, lights, switches and more.

With Honeywell — similar to Nest — you’ll be able to manage your home’s thermostat with Google Home. On the other hand, the Belkin Wemo functionality will help you see whether or not you turned the lights off before heading out the door. It’s as simple as saying, “OK Google, did I leave the bedroom lights on?”

You can do all of this through Google’s Home Control app. If you have a Belkin Wemo, Honeywell or another supported device, it’s as simple as launching the app and tapping the “+” to add a new device.

Google says more partners are coming pretty soon. Right now, functionality might seem a little limited with this being a Google Home-only feature, but Home Control is coming to the Pixel fairly soon (on top of support for Belkin Wemo and Honeywell). In other words, things should be more streamlined around then.

source: Google

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