HTC’s long-awaited Android Wear smartwatch leaks yet again


If there’s an unannounced device that just won’t give up, it’s this one.

HTC still hasn’t announced and released its first smartwatch despite reports surrounding the device coming out for years. It’s easily the most popular smartwatch that’s never been made official. Why? Because HTC knows how to make attractive phones, so one would expect the company’s engineers to excel in making a smartwatch.

The world got its first clear look at the smartwatch, known internally as Halfbeak, back in October. Someone obtained images of the device and posted them on Weibo.

Today we’re getting a second chance to see the Halfbeak. Yet again, Weibo is where another person decided to leak more images of HTC’s upcoming smartwatch. Nothing has changed between the two sets of images leaked last year and this year, which means we’re either seeing a prototype or HTC doesn’t intend on altering a single thing.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the front of the Halfbeak appears very similar to Samsung’s Gear S2 from 2015. Rather than metal, HTC appears to be using plastic for the bezel. That bezel has two arrows indicating the location of the physical buttons.

Additional images reveal the display has 360×360 resolution; therefore, don’t expect an ambient light sensor anywhere on the display. It’s a completely round screen.

Another key thing to pick up on in the images is the Under Armour branding. More than two years ago, HTC and Under Armour forged a partnership to develop a number of new products. The relationship between the two companies is still alive even after the HTC Grip was delayed multiple times (and seemingly canceled at this point). In 2016, the UA HealthBox was born. For the Halfbreak, HTC could be working with Under Armour to target health- and fitness-focused people.

It’s possible, though not likely, for HTC to announce the Halfbeak at MWC 2017 in Barcelona next month. There haven’t been any invites sent out by the company, but time remains on the clock to do so.

Source: Weibo
Via: Android Police

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