FAA says airlines no longer have to warn customers about the Galaxy Note 7


The Federal Aviation Administration and US Department of Transportation are no longer requiring airlines to notify customers about the Galaxy Note 7.

If you’ve ever flown since the Galaxy Note 7 debacle started, you may have heard some sort of pre-boarding notification along the lines of “Passengers are not allowed to fly with the Galaxy Note 7.” That’s no longer a required notification, according to today’s new from the US federal government.

Samsung claims that this is because of “exceptionally high rates of participation” in the Galaxy Note 7 return program. In today’s announcement, Samsung revealed that 96% of Galaxy Note 7’s sold in the US have been returned. It’s worth noting that that number isn’t from customers returning the device out of their own volition. In November, returns were placed at 85% of the total sold; however, the spike to 96% only happened after Samsung took some bold steps to outright disable the charging of the Galaxy Note 7.

Either way, it seems that most Galaxy Note 7’s have been returned. Now, there are so little of them out there that the FAA isn’t too worried; however, Samsung’s goal is to still retrieve 100% of devices sold.

Suffice to say, it’s been a crazy four months since the Galaxy Note 7 launched. Sometime this month, we should finally have details on why the Galaxy Note 7 began exploding in the first place.

source: Samsung

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