Samsung might not be ditching the 3.5mm audio jack just yet


A phone case leak for the upcoming Galaxy S8 shows some interesting details as to what ports it will keep and replace.

Slashleaks was able to obtain renders of the upcoming case for the Galaxy S8. We don’t know what case it is specifically, but we do see cutouts for the 3.5mm audio jack. We’ll also see Samsung moving all of its buttons to one side the device — the volume up, down and power buttons.

In the past, we’ve heard plenty of rumors that Samsung would be ditching its 3.5mm audio jack. While these renders certainly aren’t the final say on the matter, it might indicate that there’s still hope for the audio jack in Samsung’s flagship for 2017. The audio jack has been under fire quite a bit, with many manufacturers opting to move things over to purely USB Type-C and simply provide a 3.5mm audio jack to Type-C adapter with the phone.


Speaking of Type-C, it appears that Samsung will finally be nixing micro-USB and fully adopt USB Type-C with the Galaxy S8; however, the port will actually be placed on the bottom right of the phone instead of the center of the phone, according to the case render.

We should also see a return of the microSD card with the the Galaxy S8. In the case renders, there’s actually a cutout at the top where Galaxy S8 owners will be able to access it.

It won’t be too long before rumors literally start flooding in — they always do as we get closer and closer to a phone’s official announcement. There’s certainly a lot of excitement and expectation around this phone, especially after the disappointment that was the Galaxy Note 7. Thankfully, we’ve only got a little while longer to go before Samsung takes the wraps off of the Galaxy S8.

source: Slashleaks
via: SamMobile

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