Sprint’s branding relaunch of Virgin Mobile is still coming in 2017


Sprint has struggled to stay competitive in a quickly changing market, especially since T-Mobile has been incredibly aggressive on the lower-end of the spectrum. This has forced the carrier to focus on just one segment of their business at a time, and since Sprint has itself spread over multiple brands, some portions have lost quite a bit of ground to competitors.

Postpaid was Sprint’s biggest focus for the past two years, but now that it’s in a much better position, they’re turning their attention back to prepaid. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are the carrier’s two big prepaid offerings (but don’t forget they do still have Sprint Prepaid) and both have struggled to stay competitive with T-Mobile’s MetroPCS and AT&T’s Cricket.

After a bit of turmoil on the prepaid side of things, Boost Mobile has finally started to grow again after several quarters of losses. That’s good news for Sprint but still leaves Virgin Mobile in a bad position. The company planned on revamping Virgin Mobile’s brand last year but held off to make sure that Boost Mobile was in a good spot.

Now that Boost is decent, Sprint is still planning on relaunching Virgin Mobile sometime in 2017 in a more disruptive capacity. They see Boost Mobile as their fallback prepaid carrier to compete with the likes of MetroPCS and Cricket, but Virgin Mobile is going to be where they try new and innovative things just to see how they work in the market.

Sprint isn’t sure exactly what they’re going to do with Virgin just yet, but expect it to be better than your traditional “unlimited talk and text for $30” when it does relaunch this year.

source: Fierce Wireless

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