HTC wants to shake things up in 2017 with new smartphone designs


HTC has struggled to find their niche in the market over the past several years, opting to make everything seem high-end and premium. It’s sort of worked, since I think most people that have used a flagship HTC product do probably associate it with premium materials, but this hasn’t really translated into much success for the company.

For 2017, HTC wants to take what they do best (premium design) and apply it to all of their products. But instead of just a nicer looking brushed aluminum design like every other smartphone uses, they’re trying out some unique materials, patterns, and finishes. Which, hopefully, will lead to some cool looking phones this year.


Evan Blass has leaked a video showing off what’s probably an early promotional video for HTC where they’re designing more expressive, personal phones, not like the bland phones those other guys are making.

It’s a little overdone, but HTC has always tried to make a personal connection with customers in their smartphones, particularly through music, so this is more of an evolution of what HTC is good at, and not something totally out of left field. And some of the designs do look really cool, especially if you like weird paint designs, or fabric finishes instead of metal.

Interestingly, the video also shows an HTC Vive phone, shown to the right in that picture. Is HTC going to try and turn their co-branded headset with Valve into a full-fledged smartphone line this year? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s interesting that it was even included in this video, even if it’s just a promotional idea kind of thing.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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  • Keity

    well it’s about time but i doubt they’ll come up with something truly innovative … as for the last 11 years