Mattel’s Aristotle will watch, teach, and entertain your children


Mattel has announced a brand new smart baby monitor, dubbed Aristotle, that wants to be the best babysitter ever. Well, maybe don’t leave your kids totally unsupervised around this thing, but it’ll definitely help out with a few things.

Aristotle is a little different from your typical baby monitor because it does actually have a virtual assistant packed inside. Think Google Assistant or Alexa, but for your kids. And just like a Google Home or Amazon Echo, it’s a portable speaker that can accept voice commands as interaction.

It can still function as a normal baby monitor, though, don’t worry. It has a camera that beams live video straight to your phone, so if you want to check in on your kids while you’re in another room, you can do that. In addition to the typical baby monitor functionality, though, including the option to function as a night light and a quiet speaker to play soothing noises.

It can also play games, read bedtime stories, and tons of other things that try to keep up with kid as they grow. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual disposable baby monitors that we use for babies, and it could really help spur some education and entertainment for children of multiple ages.

Aristotle is supposed to ship sometime in 2017, but we haven’t heard anything about pricing just yet. Keep an eye on Mattel if you’re interested in buying one for your kid, and be sure to keep up with the rest of our CES coverage in the meantime.

About the Author: Jared Peters

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