Bang & Olufsen announces a new Bluetooth speaker covered in fabric


Bang & Olufsen has announced a brand new Bluetooth speaker at CES, crowding the already saturated portable speaker market. With that being said, it’s looking like one of the nicest speakers you’ll be able to find in 2017.

The Beoplay M5 is a 360-degree speaker that looks like it’d fit right at home with the Daydream VR. It’s covered in fabric that makes it look almost like furniture, in addition to being a functional, expensive piece of tech. It has brushed aluminum touch buttons on top and comes in a gray and darker gray color.


In addition to being a Bluetooth speaker, the Beoplay M5 also boasts WiFi connectivity like a Sonos speaker. Fortunately for Chromecast fans, that means you’ll be able to cast music to your speaker via WiFi Direct which enjoys better sound quality than Bluetooth. It can also link with other Beoplay speakers to fill your entire home with music.

This entire package isn’t cheap, but you probably wouldn’t expect a B&O to tackle the budget range, either. At $599 it’s certainly on the higher end of the spectrum, but it’s got the quality and style to back it up. It’s already up for order, so feel free to lock one in on their website if you need a new talking piece on your coffee table.

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source: Beoplay

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