The Lenovo Smart Assistant is powered by Amazon’s Alexa


Home-based digital assistants were quite the item in 2016, and that was only because of two companies. Now, in 2017, more companies are getting into the category by leveraging existing technologies. There’s no better time than the first week of the year at CES 2017 to announce new products similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant debuted this week in Las Vegas with Amazon’s Alexa being the brain inside.


For its first digital assistant, Lenovo is collaborating with Amazon to offer an Echo-like device that recognizes voice commands and taps into its database for responses. The Smart Assistant will be able to perform web searches, play music, organize lists, and provide live updates because of the cloud-based services Amazon developed a few years ago and continues to improve.

Lenovo is using eight 360-degree microphones with noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation to ensure users will be heard up to 16ft away. Furthermore, if you really care about sound, the Smart Assistant will have a Harman Kardon Edition to enable premium audio from the speakers.

While you’re probably eager to see the Smart Assistant very soon, you’ll have to wait until next summer. Lenovo isn’t going to release its home-based digital until May 2017, but we do know how much it’ll cost. The Smart Assistant in Light Gray, Green, and Orange will cost $129 while the special Harman Kardon Edition will be $179. So, for now, you’ll have to enjoy pictures and videos from the floor at CES 2017 to enjoy the Lenovo Smart Assistant.

Source: Lenovo

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    Excellent. Competition is good, and this priced at $129 goes directly at the Google Home.

    Your move, Google.