No phone at all exploded in CeeLo Green’s hand


The hysteria over CeeLo Green’s well-being is finally over.

Usually the recording studio is a safe, peaceful place for people in the music industry. It didn’t seem that way for the Grammy-winning musician in a video leaked over the weekend. A private recording taken on a closed-circuit television system shows Green sitting calmly in his studio before something bizarre happens. He picks up his phone for a call, spins around in a chair, and then the smoke starts appearing. Before you think nothing too bad it going to happen, the phone explodes. Yes, it exploded.

Watch the video below, and then we’ll tell you what happened.

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It was especially dramatic because he dropped out of his chair and onto the ground. Serious damage could’ve been done. Everyone, especially on social media, immediately expressed concern for Green since his accounts were inactive and no one from his camp released a statement.

Speculation ran wild and Samsung was being blamed due to its Galaxy Note 7 scandal from a few months ago. People assumed that, because Green’s phone exploded, the occurrence had to be Samsung’s fault. Although understandable and a little humorous, it’s idiotic to jump to conclusions.

And it turns out there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Samsung wasn’t involved in this explosion nor was Green actually harmed. This was a staged video.

He announced on Facebook Live that he is “alive and well.” The video belongs to an upcoming project titled Gnarly Davidson, which could be a new album.

Green apologized for leaving anyone “emotionally disturbed” after viewing the staged video.

Source: CeeLo Green (Facebook)

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  • Paladin

    You’ll notice he’s using a portable landline phone. It has an antenna sticking out of the top. Some people just aren’t very observant.

  • VaultDweller73

    Knew it was fake just like this site.