Google’s goal is to target iPhone users with the Pixel


Google launched the Pixel in October to mixed feelings about the phone. Many weren’t sure what to think about it while others loved it. The search giant has many goals for the Pixel smartphone, but one of those goals is to attract iPhone users, Hiroshi Lockheimer said in TWiT’s “All About Android” show.

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In the interview, one of the big things Lockheimer said was that their goal was to cater much of the marketing towards those who own an iPhone. And truth be told, they’re doing a really good job of that, spending $3.2 million in advertisement dollars the first couple of days after its launch.

It might be paying off, too. Google is expecting to ship 3-4 million Pixel devices before 2016 ends.


From Lockheimer:

“I work with all partners, including the internal hardware team and Samsung, etc. I think for the Pixel specifically, they’re really trying to capture new users of smartphones, as well as users who are perhaps on other platforms. It’s always nice to expand the ‘pie’ of Android, not to change the look internally but to expand.

I think you’ve seen a lot of things the Pixel team has done to cater the message around iPhone users, and highlighting some of the great things about Android.”

So, is the goal working? Maybe. We’ve definitely heard in the past that the Pixel caters to iPhone users more than ever. But, the goal doesn’t necessarily seem to be to get iPhone users on the Pixel, but to get iPhone users on the Android platform. And the Pixel certainly helps with that, but so do other devices from top manufacturers. It’d be interesting to see some official data on that, for sure.

If you want to check out the full interview with Lockheimer, be sure to hit the source link below.

source: TWiT
via: 9to5Google

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  • Spyder

    Yeah, didn’t work out very well. When you compare apples to oranges (pun intended), the pixel might have a better camera (than the iphone 7 but not the 7 Plus with its optical telephoto lens), it lacks too many things to attract true iphone users, many of which also have an ipad and an imac and a mac laptop. The integration can’t be replaced with an android phone. The pixel also lacks dual speakers and waterproof and several other features that make the cost of the pixel a waste of money when you can have the premium iphone for the same price. Maybe next year it will be a toss-up, but this year for a phone that costs the same, it fell way short.

  • Ware52

    Well… it’s ugly and over priced… I would imagine Apple fans would love it.