You can take a VR tour of New York’s department stores thanks to Google


If you’ve ever wanted to see New York’s fancy department store windows without having to shell out the cash to get there (and deal with the insane crowds this time of year), Google has your back. Their latest VR endeavor puts you right in front of several New York department stores, complete with a high-resolution virtual reality panorama and the sounds of a bustling city street around you.

The VR tour covers Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, and 15 other stores, and Google has even set up an audio guide that will give you some hidden details about all of the displays that the stores have set up. There’s also a conveniently linked gift shop page in the middle of everything, so you can actually knock out some of your Christmas shopping while you check out the holiday displays.

You can view everything on a computer if you’d like, but it’s best when viewed on a virtual reality headset.

source: Engadget