Instagram fine tunes safety and privacy controls


Instagram has always tried to give users some control over their privacy and safety on the social photo-sharing site, including doing things like giving users the abilities to filter comments with certain keywords. They’re taking that a few steps further with a few new tools set to come to Instagram going forward.

If comment filtering wasn’t quite enough, now you can completely turn comments off for your posts. This was previously something only certain accounts could do, but now anyone can toggle comments on and off for their photos and videos. We’ve seen that on other sites, like YouTube, so it makes sense for Instagram to also adopt it.

There’s also a feature that’s seemingly lifted from Facebook that will now allow other users to “heart” comments that’s set to roll out over the next few weeks.

Instagram is also giving private accounts the ability to remove followers, which was strangely missing before. If you had a private account and approved someone to follow you, there was no way to un-approve them from seeing your account. Instagram has fixed that flaw, so if you need to completely remove someone from your account, you can.

Lastly, Instagram is implementing an anonymous report button for self-harming posts. The tool is simple, but useful, and will give you a way to quietly report a photo if you think the person is injuring themselves. Instagram will monitor these reports 24/7, then connect users with organizations that can offer them help. It’s not much of a technological feature, but it’s nice to see the company look after its users like this.

Expect to see these features hit your devices and accounts soon.

source: Instagram

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