Unlocked HTC One M9 receives Nougat update, coming to carrier variants early 2017


Android 7.0 Nougat may have only managed a 0.4% footprint in the latest Android distribution figures, but it should see an increased rate of adoption as OEM’s update their flagships in the coming months. Some brands are quicker than others at updating their handsets, with HTC being one of the better examples. One such case in point is HTC’s announcement earlier that it has begun rolling out the Nougat update to the unlocked HTC One M9.

Owners of unlocked HTC One M9’s will rightfully think the fact that their 2015 flagship is being updated to the latest version of Android, and in a timely fashion. But what about those who bought the One M9 directly from a carrier? Well, it’s not quite such good news, HTC stated that the Nougat update will only be released to carrier variants in early 2017. As you can verify from HTC’s tweet below.

It’s bittersweet news for the owners of the carrier variant of the HTC One M9, but hopefully, early next year means early sometime in January.

The Nougat update began rolling out to the HTC 10 in the US a few days ago and is expected to hit European models of the 10 in the next few weeks.

If you own an unlocked HTC One M9, have you received the Nougat update yet? If you have, let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

About the Author: Peter Holden

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