Trusted Contacts is a new Google app to keep track of friends and family


Google has launched a brand new app called Trusted Contacts that wants to bring a little extra peace of mind to anyone that frequently travels alone, at night, or in any other less than 100% safe situation.

The concept of the app is pretty simple; you pick a few favorite, trusted contacts, and the app shares your location with them and keeps them updated until you’ve made it home or to your car.

To get started, you install the app then specify friends or family that you want to share your whereabouts with. Those trusted contacts can see if you’ve moved around recently and whether or not your phone is online. You can specifically turn on a detailed location report for a brief period of time (like the situation where you’re walking to your car alone at night), or those trusted contacts can request your exact location. If you don’t deny that request to track your location, the app will automatically share your location with the contact and they can decide on what to do from there.

Trusted Contacts is a fantastic usage of technology to make sure that your loved ones stay safe, but it can seem a little invasive from a privacy standpoint. Fortunately, you can change your trusted contacts on the fly and can turn off the location sharing options if you do need a little bit of privacy, and adjust those settings based on the situation you’re in.

The app is available for Android devices on the Play Store.

Download it now: Google Play

source: Google

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