Holiday Giveaway: Moto G4 prize bundle!


Welcome to the fifth week of the Talk Android Holiday Giveaway Series 2016!

This week we’re giving away three prize bundles that include a Moto G4 and accessories from MOS, Lumsing, and TUDIA.

Every Monday through the holidays, a new giveaway will launch on Talk Android with a prize bundle up for grabs. All you have to do is complete a couple of simple steps to increase your chances of winning. Just keep an eye on your inbox the following week to see if you won and we reached out to you for your mailing address.


Our prize bundles for this week’s giveaway:

Feel like you’re going to win? Enter below.

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The winners will be announced on Monday, December 12; therefore, keep submitting entries until then before checking back to see if you won.

We’d like to thank Lenovo/Motorola, MOS, Lumsing, and TUDIA for making this week’s giveaway possible. If you’re not a winner today, we still recommend visiting their sites to check out innovative, useful products and consider buying yourself. These brands work hard throughout the year to provide publications like us with units to check out and share with you, so your support of both Talk Android and them means a lot.

Happy holidays!

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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  • Sagar VK18

    I want to win it ! Moto G4 is a decent phone ! I will give it to my sister :)

  • Hugo Marques

    Mo to G is one of The best Motorola ever made..

  • UtahSkiBum

    My wife uses a MOTO G4. I have a son that would enjoy this!

  • KimberlyFDR

    I’ve been looking to upgrade my device for a while and the MOTO G4 looks like a great device!

  • Andres Donado Alvarino

    Great phone! I want it!

  • Sylvain


  • miguelm75

    good phone at affordable price

  • Jeena Bittenbender

    Great phone!!! Great price!!

  • sandcoleman

    Love that is bigger but not heavy or bulky.

  • Vyrlokar

    I’ve been a fan of the moto g line since the original, and this is finally full HD. Unlike my G3, it will have Nougat too!


    I like for it’s Stock Android experience!

  • Cathy Cole

    I could really use a upgrade form the phone i have fingers crossed!!!

  • Sylvie C.

    Great phone

  • Luc Lafreniere

    Perfect phone for me

  • dkn

    like that it has some of the Moto features… though what’s the diff/lacking from Moto Z/X?

  • TJ Herlihy

    Very intrigued by the operating system!

  • Stuart Affleck

    Battery life looks excellent.

  • Marsupial

    Good all around budget phone with unbloated software.

  • Claudia Țuțuman

    Not the best looking phone, but it has a long lasting battery and a decent camera

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    Nice phone for his price. No more.

  • tardis 13

    Battery life is my #1 issue day to day. The bundle solves!

  • randyb19

    The add-ons look nice!

  • R4PH1T4

    Vamos a por ello

  • Kat

    I like that it is unlocked so that I can do whatever I want with it.

  • Jim McPartland

    Stock Android is what I like best… then probably battery life!

  • mpinter

    Moto styling and build quality. My family and I have been through Moto G gen 1 and 2, Moto X 2014, and Moto X 2015 Pure. I’m still on the Moto X 2014 and would like the G4 upgrade!

  • Diana

    Nice phone

  • Carolyn Daley

    I like that it is an Android phone with a good camera and decent battery life.

  • juanc212

    Moto build quality and consistent efficiency throughout the OS are some good pro’s for these phones.

  • Rodin

    The camera, the batery, the processor….a very good phone for the price asked

  • Margaret Castillo

    A very well rounded phone for the price point. Decent phone for a newbie or experienced Android user.

  • Hareesh Kabadi

    I like about Moto G4 is It’s Camera..

  • crystal s

    I like how big it is and the camera. I also liked what I read from all of the positive reviews about it.

  • Chris DiMisa

    I hope I win, the wife could use an upgrade.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Lenovo has a great job be innovative on all the Moto phones. I love the camera on the G4.

  • john smith

    I like the fact that the MOTO G4 seems to be a great phone for its price. This phone seems amazing, and it looks nice.

  • babymharz

    Rear and front camera is great. I like it.

  • Arjoma92

    The G4 would be really interesting, I’d love to try it out- especially the battery life and the software should be more than satisfactory.

  • Karen Webster Hunt

    I love that it has a rear and front camera and the Moto G4 charges quick.

  • Kris B

    I love the rear and front camera! Also, the long battery life!

  • Rosemary Roberts

    I hope to win this amazing giveaway! I know I love Lumsing already!

  • jennpoop

    I love the long battery life!

  • RichJ

    Great value for money.

  • Robin Yost

    Battery life

  • Lori

    Love the battery life and the camera

  • Sinthuja Sarma

    Thanks for this chance. I hope to win at least this time

  • Aleksandr Chernyy

    I like the camera with FHD display feature !!

  • julie_bolduc

    I like the battery life

  • Ang Kripplebauer

    The battery life

  • Jodi Mitrovic

    I like the Moto G4’s 5.5 inch display. Great for games, pictures and surfing the web. Thank you #TalkAndroid!

  • Joan Brown

    I like the long battery life

  • sm496

    I would love a moto g4!

  • Manolito Nolasco

    Great holiday gift, to replace a galaxy Y…
    keeping m fingers crossed….

  • Sergey P

    I like the Moto G4’s 5.5 inch display, battery life and the camera!

  • Maria Pech

    oh it`s so honey phone!!

  • Mary

    Nice phone

  • lenst

    I like the battery life

  • Boris Bmp

    Excellent SPECs

  • Chee Yong Hsia

    Clean software without too many Android bloatware

  • Contax Contax

    Wow! Nice (y)

  • cYn

    Awesome Phone! :) Thank you!

  • Nayan Ringane

    I Think Motorola is The Best Smartphone Making Company & Every Phone Made by Moto is Best. Moto G4 is one of them. The Best thing that i like in Moto phones is its Pure Android UI. I like the design they made for Moto G4. They put Good Camera in Moto G4 in that Budget range. Software is Great without Bloatwares. Latest Android Inside :)

  • Małgosia

    good quality at good price

  • Daryl Okayama

    Cool contest, thanks!

  • spscrazy


  • Gina N.

    My favorite features of the Moto G4 are the 13 MP rear camera & 5 MP front camera which results in clear, concise photos and also the turbo charging feature which only takes approximately 15 minutes to charge, perfect for on-the-go! Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  • Aleksey Karaba


  • Bogart X

    Turbo charging all the way!

  • David Gibb

    wow great phone

  • Baruch Ben Michael

    Phone have great full HD screen and I like this

  • kapoor

    huge battery and UI

  • Verochka Petroff

    1.5 GHz Octa-Core processor

  • AndroidNinja4

    It would be nice to try out a LG phone. Been a while.

  • Dan Valentin

    Just for being a fan of Moto and I appreciate quality builds.

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov

    Great smartphone!

  • Elle

    I really like the long battery life.

  • Alex Ba.

    solid mid-range phone with great battery

  • Carlos Solano

    Amazing Mid-Range Phone!!! Finally Moto is Back!!!

  • Sahil Tiwari

    The near stock android experience along with a great camera and battery makes Moto G bang for buck device.