Exynos and Tegra 2 Get Spanked In LG Optimus 3D’s OMAP 4 Benchmark Test

Alright, so I wouldn’t call it a “spanking” per say, but I would definitely call it…unexpected, sort of.  We all know that the OMAP 4430, housed in the LG Optimus 3D, boasts some pretty hefty dual-core action.  And when put to the test by AnandTech, along side Nvidia’s Tegra 2 and Samsung’s Exynos 4210, we can see it slightly shining through and coming out on top in the browser and graphical benchmark department.    Dual-core CPU’s are becoming quite the norm around these parts as the competition is expanding rapidly.  As I always say, choice is good and you can never have too much of it, I think.  Im looking forward to the day when a device is released with nothing less than dual-core CPU’s and performance is taken to a whole new level as a result.  A good CPU combined with a great GPU, a big screen, HDMI out yada yada yada, and it’s bon voyage for my PC.  How about you?  Do you favor one of these dual-core processors over another?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

[via engadget]

  • Denzo

    I thought ghat the iPhone 4 uses a 1ghz processor? Not 850mhz.

    And I wouldnt say dual core is the norm.. Maybe in Internet world, but next to none are even out right now.. Maybe 1 or 2 at best?

    Interesting on the fps though..

  • domdym

    Iphone it’s “under clocked” to save power.
    Basically most cell phone and tablet makers over clock there product to make it faster. At the expense of battery life. The droid x’s cpu had a recommended click speed of 750mhz. It’s ruining at 1 ghz stock. The droid 2 global has a 1ghz recommended clock speed it’s running at 1.2ghz. The iphone has a 850mhz recommended clock speed. Iphone 4 runs at 1-1.25 ghz max but it’s not allowed by apple

  • domdym

    Indian how fast the omap 4440 at 1.5 ghz will run.
    Not only that but invision how good the power vr sgx-543mp2 (dual core gpu)
    Or the 4, 8, &16 core variants also running at a higher clock speed.
    Couple that with a quad core cpu and 1 gig of ddr4 and you have a desk tops power in a tablet out eventually a phone.
    (the p power vr sgx543,mp4 in on the ps vita) bad as

  • domdym

    I think that the new archos g9 will impress even the biggest skeptic

  • Bob

    According to the website that first ran the tests, they overclocked the TI OMAP in the first place. I will give the link if I can find it.