Cyanogen Inc. will close its Seattle doors by end of year


According to Android Police, sources close to Cyanogen, Inc. are saying that the company will close its Seattle office before the year is out.

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The sources say that there’s another round of layoffs happening and that there was an internal announcement sent noting the closing of the Seattle offices by the end of the year. This comes not too long after an executive shakeup, where former CEO Kirt McMaster stepped down and Lior Tal took the helm.

Interestingly, according to Android Police’s sources, no one knows what this means for Steve Kondik, Cyanogen Inc’s beloved co-founder. He was removed from the company board as part of the aforementioned executive shakeup, but has a new “Chief Science Officer” position. We’re not all that sure what that entails exactly, but with Cyanogen Inc. now going through a slow death, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kondik called it quits at this point.

While there are layoffs happening, some employees will be given the option to relocate to its smaller Palo Alto facility in California.

Hopefully we’ll soon hear more details as to what this means for the fate of Cyanogen Inc going forward.

source: Android Police

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  • ColorMeConfused

    Not sure how they ever got to the point of having actual employees instead of just being a hobby. CyanogenMod was awesome, but I fail to see any legitimate revenue stream there…guess I’m not the only one. It relied on your phone being rooted, but many can’t or don’t know how, so the market is limited.