AT&T’s new streaming service, DirecTV Now, is here


We’ve heard plenty of rumors beforehand, but AT&T made it official yesterday. They officially took the wraps off of their new streaming service, DirecTV Now.

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The service will appeal to cord-cutters the most — those who want the benefit of streaming some TV channels, but don’t want to pay for expensive TV packages. With DirecTV Now, customers will be able to stream over one hundred channels straight to their phones, tablets and other devices. It’s actually an ingenious way to handle things — no more silly set-top boxes and expensive contracts you can never get out of.

On the other hand, DirecTV Now is still a little pricey. There are four tiers of DirecTV Now — Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big and Gotta Have It. It’ll cost you $35, $50, $60 and $70 per month, respectively. But, in each package, you’ll get 60, 80, 100 and 120 channels to watch, respectively.

It gets a little more pricey as it seems like some channels can be bought separately. For instance, HBO and Cinemax fans will be able to add those channels to their base package for an additional $5 each per month.

This is currently AT&T’s lineup of devices that can play DirecTV Now:

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Android mobile devices and tablets
  • iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • Chromecast (Android at launch; iOS in 2017)
  • Google Cast-enabled LeEco ecotvs and VIZIO SmartCast Displays
  • Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari web browsers

AT&T also has some interesting offers with DirecTV Now. If you purchase an Apple TV alongside DirecTV Now, you can get a free 3-months of any DirecTV Now package. The same goes for if you buy a Amazon Fire TV stick, only it’ll give you just a single month of any DirecTV Now package.

You can get all of the technical details at the source link below.

source: AT&T

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  • Timothy Anderson

    No Android TV Support? Only two streams at at time? Sounds like crap to me.