Newest Play Services update hints at Android Pay on Wear and more Instant Apps


The next Play Services update that Google is planning will be version 10.0, and it’s bringing a couple highlight features with it. The update hints at finally bringing Android Pay to Android Wear watches, which is something that has been discussed and rumored about since Android Wear was brought to market. Sure, it took a couple years, but better late than never, right?

The teardown of the newest services apk makes several references to “tokens” and other tap and pay related lingo, which almost certainly means you’ll be able to start making payments with your watches. The biggest thing to take away here is that there are actual messages in the code, which means Google is at least working on the interface and application of Android Pay here, which is a step forward from all of the other rumors we’ve seen.

There are also some hints about Google’s Instant Apps nearing a public release. It’s unfortunately not quite as far along as the Android Pay stuff, but there are some changes that make it seem very likely that we’ll start to see more on this front over the next few months. It probably won’t be ready by the time Play Services 10.0 rolls out, but it won’t be very far behind.

On that note, there’s still a chance that the Android Pay stuff doesn’t pan out just yet either. It’s definitely coming, but sometimes last minute changes and bugs can delay things. Don’t get your hopes until the update is officially out and confirmed.

source: Android Police

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