Samsung Galaxy S 16GB – pre-order with Vodafone UK

We know that Samsung likes to generate a bit of hype with their products, most recently with the new Galaxy S mini-site, so it seems entirely apt that Vodafone are taking advantage and accepting pre-orders for the 16GB Galaxy S – exclusive to Vodafone in the UK.

As per the HTC Wildfire news posted yesterday, Vodafone are promising June 15th deliveries on pre-orders, which is only four days away. In fact, three eager customers seem to have developed the ability to time-travel, and have posted 5-star reviews already.


The 16GB version, exclusive to Vodafone in the UK, boasts a rather stunning 4″ WVGA (480 x 800) Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, 720p playback and multi-touch zoom. It would seem the only thing missing is a camera flash to be honest, and early indications seem to suggest this is one Android phone to keep an eye on.

If this is the phone you are destined to be partnered with, Vodafone would like you to part with £35 a month for 24 months to obtain the Galaxy S 16GB for free. The basic £25 a month a month for 24 month package, incurs a £200 price tag to buy the phone. Ouch.

[via: Vodafone UK]