4K UHD movies ready to appear on Google Play Movies


Google has provided the market with an upgraded Chromecast device this year, the Chromecast Ultra, that supports 4K video streaming. There is also a decent chance that you may be in the market for a new television this year that supports 4K resolutions and retailers certain seem to be hoping those will be a big seller this holiday shopping season. With all of this hardware now available, users will be looking for 4K content and Google appears to be just about ready to supply that as well through the Play Store on their Google Play Movies & TV platform based on some reports that are starting to surface.

Over on Reddit, at least one user noted that a “4K” icon is showing up in some instances on content available in the Play Store. In some limited cases, an option to purchase a UHD version of a title is appearing alongside the SD and HD versions in the user interface. However, it does not look like any of this is official yet as Google’s support team says the developers are still in the process of rolling all the pieces out before the official launch is made. Apparently some customers are only seeing these options as a mistake while developers move things over to production.

Reddit user mikegfx noted that it does not appear users will be able to upgrade any existing titles they may have in their library, although that is far from certain. The lack of an upgrade option should not be a surprise though as it would mirror a similar lack of an upgrade path for SD to HD.

As far as pricing, early indications are that UHD titles will run about twice the HD price, whether renting or buying a title.

Are looking forward to UHD content being available or are you content with HD for now?

source: mikegfx (Reddit)

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