Android 7.0 Nougat heads to the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T in December


It’s finally clear when OnePlus will begin rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to its 2016 devices.

Since the company isn’t announcing anything new for the rest of the year, OnePlus can focus on improving existing products through software updates. This means getting Nougat on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T is a priority, and now it’s easier than ever for OnePlus to work on software as two teams have been merged.


OnePlus is going to share a software update schedule beginning now, and the first look at it tells us when Nougat is going live.

If you own the OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T, the Nougat software update should arrive before 2017 hits.

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Speaking to Android Authority, OnePlus confirmed the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T will be updated to Nougat by the end of the year.

The confirmation goes along with last week’s statement by Brian Yoon, OnePlus’ software chief, saying that a community build of the software update was going live this month. It just puzzled us to see OnePlus work on Nougat for a previous device while not launching a new one with the latest version of Android running from the start. Regardless, it’s good to see OnePlus starting to show greater interest in software updates.

Keep in mind that Nougat could be the last major software update for the OnePlus 3 as the OnePlus 3T is completely replacing it as OnePlus’ flagship. The OnePlus 3T, with its better specifications and higher price, is a sign OnePlus wants to increase its margins on every device sold and bolster its revenue.

Source: Android Authority

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