Google releases PhotoScan for saving your old physical pictures


Google has launched a new companion app to Google Photos that wants to save your old physical prints and give you a digital copy to save and upload to Facebook. The premise is pretty simple; take a picture of your picture and let the app crop, zoom, and adjust the image automatically for you. Then you’ll have a copy saved in your Google Photos library to do anything with.

This isn’t some brand new kind of app and Google definitely isn’t the first to try and do it, but most other apps still involve quite a bit of work to get things just right. Google wants to handle that hard work for you and help you get on with your day.

The app, called PhotoScan, scans a photo and detects edges, straightens the image if necessary, and removes glare, leaving you with a picture perfect replica, pun slightly intended.

To go along with the new picture scanning miracle, Google is also introducing some new filters and improvements to Photos.

The auto-enhance tool has been improved, so now you’ll be able to see instant enhancements for things like exposure balance and saturation tweaks. It’s a small change, but it makes your edits a little more transparent.

You’ll also find several new filters to apply to your photos. That sounds pretty boring, but the filters actually intelligently make edits to your photos based on the individual photo itself instead of just applying a blanket filter to everything. That’s Google’s AI prowess shining through in another app.

The Photos update should be rolling out soon, and you can already find PhotoScan in the Play Store.

source: Google

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