Google sending out codes for free Daydream View to Pixel pre-order customers


Attention Google Pixel pre-orderers! Google has started sending out the codes to redeem your free Daydream View VR headset with delivery estimates set for around two weeks from now.

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For those who made need a refresher, Daydream View is Google’s brand new VR headset that, when paired with either the Pixel or Pixel XL, will be the first set of products to show off the Daydream VR platform, which was announced way back at Google I/O 2016. With a set of high end specs that participating manufacturers will have to meet in order to be compatible, an industrial design for their own headset that promises style as well as superior comfort, and a wireless remote with motion sensing, Google is hoping to take virtual reality to a new level.

There are already a number of partners with Daydream compatible services to get you up and running with exploring this content. From Google’s own services such as Street View, Google Photos, and YouTube, to partners such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, Netflix, and most recently Hulu, the goal is to make a more widespread appeal for virtual reality, which in all honesty has mostly remained a niche market.


In order to get their Daydream View headset in as many hands as possible, Google had announced that anyone who pre-ordered either the Pixel or Pixel XL would, at some point, receive a redeem code for a free headset. Daydream View will retail for $79 so this is a very nice promotion indeed. Now, after waiting several weeks with no word, Google is sending out those codes.


So for those who pre-ordered a Google Pixel, keep an eye on your email for the above message. All you have to do is click the “redeem now” button in the message and the promo code will automatically be applied to your order to discount the $79 cost, paired with free shipping. When I completed my own order for the Daydream View I received a delivery estimate of November 23-25, so we won’t have to wait too much longer. It should be noted that the promotion only applies to the Slate color so if you were hoping for a free Crimson or Snow model you are out of luck.

Are you excited to try out the Daydream View VR headset? Do you think it will help make VR in general a more popular platform?

Source: Android Police

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  • Danny Warren

    What confirmation do we have that the promo code is Slate only? The other colors aren’t even in the store yet.