[Video] Unboxing Google Home


One of the devices that didn’t get nearly as much attention as the Pixel is Google’s Alexa competitor, Google Home. Alongside the Pixel, it was up for pre-order on announcement day, but became widely available last week on November 4.

Not sure what it’s all about? Be sure to watch Talk Android’s very own Justin Herrick unbox Google’s new smart home device after the break.

Google Home, is — of course — only the hardware. The brains behind how it actually works is Google’s very own digital assistant, aptly called Assistant.

The hardware and software work together to bring you the best hands-free experience possible. With Google Home and Assistant, you’ll be able to ask it hands-free questions, such as “What’s the weather like today?” or “Who won the World Series?”

It’s actually a really neat system because Assistant is insanely smart. Thanks to employing deep machine learning technologies and Google’s own Knowledge Graph, Google Home can answer almost any question and even respond with some humor.

Google Home is available to buy on the Google Store. It’ll set you back $129, but it’s also worth noting that Google has a lot of different colored bases available, too; however, that’ll cost you a little extra.

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