OnePlus all but confirms the OnePlus 3T for November 15


Qualcomm just a couple of days ago revealed that a phone was coming from OnePlus with its own Snapdragon 821 processor in tow. Just a day later, OnePlus confirmed that in a tweet saying that the “Snapdragon 821 is coming your way.”

Details after the break.

We believe this phone will be the OnePlus 3T, which has leaked a couple of times already. But, as always, nothing’s official until it’s official.

Here’s the full tweet:

It’s also looking like November 15 will be the day of the announcement, if not the launch of the rumored phone. In it, OnePlus hints at November 15 by saying “T-7.” It’s a countdown of sorts, and since the tweet went out on November 8, 7 days from that would be November 15.

We’re only a few days out now before the official announcement. We’ll see if OnePlus has what it takes to make this smartphone as attractive, if not more, as the OnePlus 3.

source: OnePlus (Twitter)

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  • ZBlade

    I think the “Find out more on November 15” was more of a giveaway than the “T-7”. hahaha