The Galaxy S8’s AI assistant might have its own dedicated hardware button


It’s no secret that the Galaxy S8 is going to use an AI assistant as a major selling point. We’ve seen confirmations from Samsung about it, plus a patent application for a virtual assistant named Bixby, so we’re fully expecting to see that being touted as a Siri killer and one of the biggest features on Samsung’s first 2017 flagship.

According to some unreleased prototypes, one way Samsung might be pushing its assistant will be with a dedicated hardware button on the device. That’s a departure from the usual method of calling up AI assistants on phones, which usually involves something with the home button, like holding the button down or double tapping. Holding an iPhone’s home button calls up Siri, and Google Assistant requires a swipe up from the virtual home button on a device. Samsung uses a home double tap to quickly launch the camera, and they religiously stick to a physical, not a virtual, home button, which makes Google’s method impractical. A separate, dedicated button does solve that problem.

Since this is just a prototype rumor, there’s still a good chance that we don’t see a dedicated button for Bixby. There are other shortcuts that Samsung could use, and we could always see that separate button being used for the camera and then the AI assistant taking over the home button. I’m probably being a little too optimistic about a dedicated camera key, but there’s still a chance this far out from the announcement.

source: Wall Street Journal

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