Nearly 85% of Galaxy Note 7s in the U.S. returned

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Almost three months after the massive scandal started, Samsung is giving an update on the status of the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States.

A statement released by the company on Friday states that around 85% of Galaxy Note 7s in the U.S. alone, and most customers are choosing to exchange for another Samsung device.

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To further dissuade stragglers from keeping their devices, Samsung will be rolling out a software update that limits the Galaxy Note 7’s ability to charge beyond 60%. A pop-up notification, too, will be included to appear every time the screen is turned on or the device is rebooted or plugged in to charge. No one left with a Galaxy Note 7 will continue using it easily and without distraction.

Once again, we urge the remaining 15% to listen to Samsung’s instructions and return your Galaxy Note 7 for a refund or exchange. Don’t risk the safety of yourself and those around you just because you think it’s cool having a now-recalled phone. No, it’s idiotic and dangerous. So head over to Samsung’s refund and exchange page for details on getting either your money back or a different device.

If you’re struggling on choosing your next phone but want to stick with Samsung, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are both still really great devices.

Source: Samsung

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    The Korean nips won’t get my Note 7 back without a voucher for a free Note 8.