S Voice is coming back as an AI assistant called Bixby

S Voice

Personal AI assistants are all the rage now, with Google Assistant leading the way. You also have Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s always-improving Siri, giving all the major digital ecosystems their own personality to help you with day-to-day tasks.

But like anything else that the big companies are doing, Samsung wants in on the action. We’ve seen this before in the shape of Galaxy App stores and Galaxy content stores to buy movies and music from, so it would only make sense for Samsung to launch their own personal assistant to compete.

It happened before with S Voice, if anyone still remembers that from the Galaxy S III days. S Voice was pretty rough (read: terrible) but it gave Samsung a quick answer to Siri before Google Now was a thing and Microsoft was still floundering around on their side of the fence.

Earlier this year Samsung filed a patent for a digital assistant named Bixby that can act as a voice recognition system to enable hands-free use of a phone. I know, that’s not exactly a precise patent, but we’ve already heard directly from Samsung that AI is going to play a major role in the Galaxy S8. Samsung also recently purchased Viv, the company that was also responsible for creating Siri years back. Everything lines up too perfectly to not be a digital, AI butler.

We have a few months before the Galaxy S8 will be announced, so there’s plenty of time to speculate on the details and repercussions of this. Is Bixby going to replace Google Assistant, so Galaxy users will miss out on Google’s own assistant? Will Samsung give users the option to pick between the two? Will you have to say “Hello, Bixby” in a British accent to activate it?

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