Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is now available in Coral Blue


With the Galaxy Note 7 discontinued due to its tendency to explode, Samsung needs to find new ways to eek out more sales from its Galaxy S7 range. Selling the same flagship model for 12 months as its main priority isn’t something that Samsung has experienced for some time because it’s had the Galaxy Note range spearheading sales in the latter stages of previous years. So how do you maximize sales from the Galaxy S7 Edge? One way is to offer deals and discounted bundles, or you can offer it in different colors. Much like HTC 10 that can now be had in red or gold, or the Huawei P9 in its red or blue guises.

As you may have guessed, Samsung has chosen to offer the Galaxy S7 Edge in the Coral Blue color that was previously seen on the Galaxy Note 7. While the Galaxy S& Edge is still available in Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, White Pearl, Pink Gold, and Silver Titanium; the Coral Blue color is refreshingly different.

Samsung says the Coral Blue Galaxy S7 Edge will be available in selected markets from November 1st (today). Is the new color enough of an incentive to buy the Galaxy S7 Edge almost 8 months after its launch? And if you already have one, does the Coral Blue color tempt you into changing over?

Source: Samsung

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