Android Pays joins up with Visa and Mastercard to make online checkouts easier


Google has kicked off a new partnership with both Visa and Mastercard that should make your online payments go a little bit smoother from here on out. If you regularly buy things online you’ve probably used either Visa Checkout or Masterpass, or at least seen them offered on some sites. They’re both simple ways offered by the bigger credit card companies to quickly fill out forms and make purchases on websites with a single sign-in.


But now, if you’re using an Android device you’ll be able to link your Android Pay account with Visa Checkout or Masterpass to integrate things and save you even more time. No need to remember passwords for those accounts when you can use your device’s built-in fingerprint scanner and added Android Pay cards, for example.

Google is touting this partnership as a great example of how Android Pay will work with an existing payment system. This update will happen automatically so merchants don’t need to do any heavy lifting to take advantage of the partnership. This should lead to fewer abandoned sales and quicker checkout times for customers.

This update and integration is expected to go live in the Android Pay app in early 2017.

source: Google

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