Galaxy Note 7 battery flaw investigation reportedly delays the Galaxy S8


After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, many are looking forward to the Galaxy S8 announcement in late February during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But, there’s just one problem: the phone may launch later than expected because Samsung still doesn’t know what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to explode.

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Yes, you read that right. Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7’s are still a mystery. A Samsung spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal that the company is still searching for what caused the overheating problem.

Here’s her full statement:

“We recognized that we did not correctly identify the issue the first time and remain committed to finding the root cause. Our top priority remains the safety of our customers and retrieving 100 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the market.”

And according to the newspaper, this investigation is putting a slight delay on the Galaxy S8 so far. One of The Wall Street Journal’s sources, a member of the Galaxy S8 development team, says that development has been delayed by two weeks so far as engineers focus on tearing the Galaxy Note 7 apart to find the root cause of the overheating.


Will that have any affect on the launch or announcement of the Galaxy S8? Probably not. It’s likely been in the pipeline at least since the Galaxy S7 launch back in February this year and maybe even longer before that. But, the question is whether Samsung will have to delay the development even longer if they’re not able to find the battery flaw with the Galaxy Note 7.

One thing’s for sure: Samsung shouldn’t rush this. Consumers most certainly don’t want these issues somehow carrying over into the Galaxy S8.

source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • justafew

    Yeah, I would rather them delay it and wait longer than wonder if my phone is going to blow up. I think many people will want strong reassurance that Samsung not only identified the root cause, but ensured the S8 wasn’t impacted by it.

  • ChuckN007

    I think Samsung already knows what caused the problem.

    Just compare the Note 5 and the Note 7, see how they differ (which is minor), and the answer will be there.

    It’s something that involves fast charging and either heat dissipation or the chemical reactions that the battery has.