Google makes it easy to get screen replacements for the Pixel and Pixel XL


Google is partnering with uBreakiFix to make screen replacements as easy as possible for the Pixel.

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uBreakiFix is a company that does repairs on a number of different electronics, including Macs, PCs and all sorts of different smartphones. This partnership with Google would make it insanely easy for Pixel and Pixel XL owners to get a screen replacement on their device.

With 250 locations around the United States and Canada, find a location won’t be difficult. But, on top of that, you won’t have to schedule an appointment or wait to get your screen fixed. This partnership means that you can take your Pixel and Pixel XL into the store and have the repair done on the spot.


You don’t have to worry about getting crummy after-market parts, either. Google is supply uBreakiFix with original parts, so the new screen replacement shouldn’t look off at all. For the Pixel and Pixel XL, you’re looking at a screen replacement price of $130 and $150, respectively. That’s around the same price Apple charges for screen repairs at its own stores.

Screen replacement isn’t the only thing you can get there, though. uBreakiFix will also offer water damage diagnostics, battery replacements, charging port repair/replacement, and a general diagnostic service.

Can’t find a store? No problem. uBreakiFix offers a convenient mail-in repair service as well, though it might take longer to get your device back than that same-day service.

source: Yahoo Finance

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