New languages come to Android Voice Search

Google Search by Voice in Italian (Android)

French, German, Italian and Spanish speakers can now enjoy using Google Voice Search in their native tongue on their Android. Searching by voice is by far the quickest way to search for something, rather than inputting character after character.

Google have been working hard to bring Voice Search to more languages after initially only releasing it for English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Google have spent weeks getting people to read popular queries in every day places which will make it easier to use in the real world. One downside to the service is that, if you speak one of the languages with an accent, then it might not be recognized.

So how do you get this? Well if you have Android 1.6 or higher then you already have the Search by voice application installed. It will recognize the language if you have the Language and keyboard setting set to one of the new languages.

If the application isn’t installed, you can install it from the Android Markets of the new language.

Now that Google Maps Navigation is available in 11 more Countries, you will be able to integrate the Voice Search with it perfectly.

[via Google Mobile Blog]