LG V20 now available from Verizon’s online store


It seems that Verizon has beat AT&T and T-Mobile to the punch with the LG V20. Both GSM carriers are set to launch the phone on October 28 (pre-orders available now, and some have started shipping early already), but Verizon now has LG’s newest device available today, October 20, from Verizon.com.

If you head on over to Verizon’s website, you can get the LG V20 for $0 down at $28 per month on a 24-month device payment plan. If you want to buy the handset outright, it’ll cost you $672. It comes in two colors from the carrier: Titan (which is a shade of gray color) and Silver. There is, of course, an activation fee of $20, and it’s likely that taxes will be due upon ordering.

Here’s some of Verizon’s current offers for the handset:

  • For a limited time only, get up to $300 back when you buy the LG V20 on device payment and trade in select smartphones.
  • Get a free pair of premium H3 earphones by B&O Play ($149 value) when you purchase a new LG V20 on device payment plan.
  • Starting October 20, if you buy an LG V20 on device payment you can get an LG Stylo 2 V for $1 a month for 24 months on device payment.

The offer from Verizon is actually pretty interesting. The main attraction here is the $300 back when you buy the LG V20 on a device payment plan and trade in a select smartphone. There’s also the offer where you can get an LG Stylo 2 V for $1 per month on a 24-month device payment plan if you buy an LG V20 on a device payment plan. Those two offers are exclusive to Verizon, but it seems that, no matter what carrier you plan to go with, you’ll get a pair of free H3 earphones by B&O Play.

Don’t want to order online? Verizon will have the LG V20 available to purchase in-store on October 27, just a day before AT&T and T-Mobile will offer the device to consumers.

The LG V20 will launch on AT&T and T-Mobile on October 28, but if you want to grab it early, Verizon seems to be the way to go for now, especially since all models from Verizon come unlocked and will work on AT&T and T-Mobile’s network.

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  • Betassuck

    FYI, T-Mobile shipped out he V20 to customers on Monday and people had them on Tuesday. Verizon late to the party