Leaked slideshow paints an ugly picture for corporate culture at Samsung


Samsung has had a pretty rough few weeks, with their latest and greatest phone exploding and being recalled, twice. They don’t know why the phones are exploding, they just know they need to get the phones back and it’s costing them billions of dollars. But Samsung and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day week month isn’t quite over yet.

A company slideshow was found by the International Trade Union Confederation that was pretty ugly, for lack of a better word. The contents were primarily focused on suppressing unions and dealing with the incredibly poor morale of Samsung employees, but it wasn’t in ways that most people would want to be treated.

The ITUC noted that Samsung employees are routinely overworked, underpaid, and suffer verbal abuse from higher-ups, all of which was actively promoted by executives far up the food chain. The presentation makes it seem like Samsung is fully aware of the problems and has several slides that discuss verbatim, expletive-laden insults that bosses sling out to employees, but doesn’t really do much to address those problems. Samsung knows what caused the problems but didn’t seem too interested in fixing them, but instead continued to overwork employees with very little gratitude.


Other slides seemed to kind of address some problems, like taking clear actions against sexual harassment claims, but only because when employees are regularly harassed they tend to form unions, and unions are the worst thing ever according to Samsung. Samsung is fully aware that a more welcoming environment would be better for the state of their employees, but they aren’t interested in actually putting in the effort towards fixing that.

As bad as all of that is, what’s probably the worst implication of the entire situation is that there’s a good chance that Samsung knew about the Note 7 defects but tried to brush it under the rug. One slide mentions that the only problem with lawsuits comes from evidence being available, which is a not-so-subtle hint for executives to do whatever they want as long as they don’t leave a smoking gun behind. Another report noted that quality control for the Note 7 was kept very secretive where testers weren’t allowed to communicate digitally whatsoever. All communication had to happen in person, which would leave no trace of any problems with the device.

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It’s all speculation at this point, but boy does it look bad for Samsung coming off the heels of the biggest electronics recall in quite some time.

The Register broke down the details in depth, including some of the reported vulgar (read: NSFW) comments that were made by executives at Samsung. Hit the link to dig in.

source: The Register

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