Bought your Google Pixel from Telstra? It’s shipping now


It appears, at least in Australia, the Google Pixel is shipping out earlier than expected.

Multiple people in Australia are confirming that their Pixel from Telstra either been shipped out to them or is already in their possession.

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A Telstra employee chimed in to say the team in charge of pre-orders always manages to ship devices out one week early, which we’ve seen happen in the United States earlier this year with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Carriers and retailers just can’t contain themselves and treat customers to an early surprise.

There’s still no indication that the Google Store, Best Buy, or Verizon have shipped the Pixel to their U.S. customers. Right now, estimates on order status pages put the last week of October as the timeframe in which the Google Pixel will begin shipping out to its first buyers.

Source: /r/Android (Reddit)

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  • ZBlade

    Australia….. getting something first! Wow, I thought I would never see the day that happens.

  • Andre Meaux

    last week in October? I’m showing a ship date of 10/20 on my pre-order…

  • Leon

    For the price they pay for their 2 year Telstra plans they deserve to get it first.