Samsung is sending customers an explosive-proof box to return their Galaxy Note 7 in


After Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 replacement devices begun exploding, Samsung has decided to discontinue the product and require all consumers to return the device for a full refund. Unfortunately, online orders are a little more difficult, considering that you can’t just go into the store and return the device, but put it in a box and ship it back.

Having devices explode on shipping trucks is a no-go, and that’s why Samsung is sending some customers (presumably online orders only) a way to safely ship a device back.

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XDA Developers seems to be one of the first people to have received this. Samsung actually sent them a Galaxy Note 7 return kit, containing a thermal-insulated box, gloves for handling the box and detailed instructions.

You can check out XDA Developers’ video on the box they received below.

The gloves might be a tad bit confusing, but the thermal-insulated box can actually cause skin irritation, thus the gloves to handle it. Samsung says this box is specifically designed for damaged lithium-ion batteries, so theoretically, if an explosion were to happen, the thermal insulation would keep everything contained, hopefully not damaging the shipping truck.

We’re not sure all who are exactly receiving these boxes, but I’d imagine, as mentioned earlier, that it’s for online orders from and maybe some other online retailers. I imagine that if you were trying to ship your device back by mail from, say, AT&T or Verizon, you could request one of these, though the better option would be to just take the device straight to a local carrier store.

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  • Damian

    I wish some of these writers would stop saying the note 7 explodes there’s a distinct difference between an explosion and expansion/over heating/smoking . The latter is what all note 7 have done . I was in the military . I have witness a lot of explosions what you guys keep saying isn’t what’s happening . Is it (battery) expanding yes , over heating yes, smoking yes….exploding…ie blowing apart thus leaving shrapnels or parts strewn about? NO

    • taki

      The English language is very explosive oxymoron. So many synonyms, homonyms, antonyms,…
      58% Latin/French, 6% Greek & no rules. No wonder there are many pretty ugly (illogical) combinations.
      It’s ingrained in the culture of take all that comes to you.


    Do you think the SAMSUNG note 7 will be aCollectors item in the future ?