[TA Deals] Take advantage of this computing bundle fall sale before it ends!


If it hasn’t been evident by the colder weather, the fall season is finally here! And to celebrate, we have some great deals for you over on Talk Android Deals. Whether you’re looking to dig into Computer Science or expand your knowledge on Deep Learning and Machine Learning as a broader topic, we’ve got some steep discounts you don’t want to miss out on!

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Complete Computer Science Bundle


  • Dive into Python w/ 9 hours of content
  • Acquire the database knowledge you need to effectively manipulate data
  • Eliminate manual work by creating auto-generating spreadsheets w/ xlsxwriter
  • Master machine learning techniques like sk-learn
  • Utilize tools for text processing, including nltk
  • Learn how to scrape websites like the NYTimes & Washington Post using Beautiful Soup
  • Complete drills to consolidate your newly acquired knowledge

This bundle normally sits at $40, but for the next 24 hours, you can grab it for just $29.

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The Complete Machine Learning Bundle


  • Access 9 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7
  • Design & implement a simple computer vision use-case: digit recognition
  • Train a neural network to classify handwritten digits in Python
  • Build a neural network & specify the training process
  • Grasp the central theory underlying Deep Learning & Computer Vision
  • Understand use-cases for Computer Vision & Deep Learning

Normally, the Complete Machine Learning bundle would run at 40, but as part of the Fall sale, you can grab it for just $25 from us.

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Steamcrate Gaming Subscription


  • Receive 10 games per month delivered to your computer for 12 months
  • Discover new games every month w/ randomized crates of new releases
  • Get exclusive entry into the Uber Crate giveaway every month, worth over $600
  • Access games worldwide w/ no restrictions or downloadable content–just full games on Steam

This subscription will usually run you $350, but because of the fall sale over at Talk Android Deals, you can snag a 12-month plan for $105.

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