Leaked images provide proof-of-life for HTC’s Halfbeak Android Wear smartwatch

HTC has long been rumored to be developing a smartwatch with the codename Halfbeak based on Google’s Android Wear platform, in tandem with Under Armour. It’s been rumored for so long, in fact, that for a while it seemed that we had more chance of seeing unicorns roam freely in the streets than the Halfbeak being announced. Today’s leaked images of the Halfbeak smartwatch at least prove the existence of the device, although it’s still unknown if it will launch anytime soon.


These images of the HTC/Under Armour Halfbeak smartwatch come courtesy of a post on Weibo, and show the smartwatch from a variety of angles. The main image features the charging pins and heart rate sensor, as well as the HTC and Under Armour logos. The one side image (below) shows the strap, which unfortunately has a tear.

If you aren’t a fan of the flat-tire design of the Moto 360, you’ll be happy to see that the Halfbeak’s display is entirely circular, and will allegedly feature a 360 x 360 resolution. On the side of the watch, there are two physical buttons for navigation. Other images depict the smartwatch in fastboot and recovery modes, with its About Device section showing the Halfbeak running Android 5.1.1.

The collaboration between HTC and Under Armour in developing the Halfbeak smartwatch makes sense; in that with its rubber or silicon strap and somewhat sporty appearance, the smartwatch should be targeted at the health and fitness market.

For the moment, there are no details on which processor is powering the Halfbeak, nor how much RAM it will carry, or the size of its battery. For that matter, it’s also unknown if it will sport LTE connectivity, a function that next year’s Android Wear 2.0 will support. The biggest question we don’t know the answer to just yet is when, or even if, the HTC/Under Armour Halfbeak will be officially announced.

One question, if you were waiting for an HTC designed Android Wear smartwatch, were you hoping for something a little more stylish?

Source: Weibo
Via: TechTastic

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